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Marta teaches intensive clinics across North America, and specializes in human and equine biomechanics. A typical two to three-day clinic would consist of eight 45-minute sessions.


Marta's Clinics

In addition to her expertise, Marta is well known for her energetic, positive, articulate, and thought provoking yet simple teaching style. "You need to have fun and enjoy. If you do, your horse will also".  Auditors are encouraged to attend and ask questions as they watch the process of improved performance using Marta's system. 



From Training through Grand Prix, Marta focuses on good basics while always taking an individual approach for each horse-rider team. If needed , Marta may briefly mount any of the horses at the clinic.  She has the gift to impart knowledge to riders of all levels, but is especially talented at obtaining measurable improvement in show horses and riders.


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