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Marta´s Dressage Partners

Current Horses 




Past Horses (by alphabetical order)

JAZZMEYER M.R. (International FEI)

2012 International FEI, Imported Westphalian gelding.  Together, they have scored top of FEI small tour in Houston recognizes shows. He is now the private horse of an AA rider and his daughter in Orange County, California. 

FER CORONADO (International Grand Prix level)

2010 International FEI, Imported PRE (Andalusian) gelding.  The pair had extensive Show Record : PSG: 68.824% Inter I: 69.044% Inter I Freestyle: 76.075% Region 9 Champion at the 2018 US Dressage Nationals in the Small Tour. Region 9 Champion Inter II. He has confirmed all the movements at Grand Prix level. He's currently for sale. Check him out. 


GAMARRO (International Grand Prix level)

2007 International Grand Prix horse, Imported PRE (Andalusian) gelding. Sold to a lovely AA rider. He was exclusively trained by Marta Renilla as her private competition horse since the beginning of his dressage carrier. In 2018 at the US Nationals in Kentucky they placed 5th and 7th in the Nation at Inter II and GP Freestyle. MORE Highlights:

-2019 HDS Spring Classic CDI 2* BIG Tour Champion

- 2018 Region 9 Championships GP Freestyle. Champion (68.9%)

- 2018 Region 9 Championships Inter II. Reserve Champion (68.%)

-2018 Laborious Intermediate II. Reserve Champion (67.647%)

-2018 GSEC GP Freestyle. Champion

-2018 GSEC Diamond Classic GP Freestyle. Champion (73.5%)

-2018 HDS Spring Classic CDI 2* Big Tour. Reserve Champion.

-2018 Haras Dos Cavaleiros GP. Champion (67.9%)

-2017 SWDC Intermediate I. (68.2%)

-2017 Topaz Intermediate I Freestyle. (75.2%)

-2017 WKF Summer PSG. Champion (69.342%)

ISENBRANT EL RASILLO (International Grand Prix level)

When Marta was 12 years old, she and her mom Isabel started off Marta's first Dressage horse, Isenbrant, a gelding Hanoverian under the coaching of the Swedish trainer Lena Ortendahl. Together, Marta and Isenbrant competed at the Spanish and European Championships and once in the US she achieved her USDF Gold Medal with him. He saddly passed away in 2019.  The last decade of his life he was happily retired in front of Marta's house. Video of Marta & Isenbrant Grand Prix 2008, Houston TX


PRESUMIDO (International Grand Prix level)

In 2009, Presumido's owner Pablo Vazquez asked Marta to train his 6 year-old Pure Spanish Stallion who seemed to be decent for Dressage... Since he was 7 and for the next 5 years, Marta competed Presumido in Inter I and Grand Prix in International Competitions, CDI 3*, 2014 Nations Cup in Wellington, FL... Video of Marta & Presumido Grand Prix, 2012, Lexinton KY. He is now a happy breeding stallion in his owner's ranch. 

WEC´s MISTICO (Grand Prix level)

This extraordinary Andalusian Gelding was under Marta's coaching from 4 - 10 years of age. She trained him and competed him up the levels and at age 10 he was the Grand Prix Freestyle Champion of the region 9 scoring 71% scores. Since 2016 he lives happily with his new owner and competitor in Pennsylvania.


WEC´s RHUSTLER (International Grand Prix level - CDI and Nations Cup)

Sold to a wonderful owner, Rhustler was trained by Marta since he was 3, this 2009 Hannoverian, by Russeau, has the movements of a super Master horse! Marta has been competing him in Inter I and GP level since he was 8 years of age obtaining +70% scores. He has also competed Internationally at Wellington AGDF10, 2017 & 2018 Wellington Nations Cup and Katy CDI 3*.  Watch for the pair! VIDEO

WEC´s ROSEWOOD (PSG-Inter I level)

This dear Oldenburger was imported from Germany in the fall of 2014 and Marta trained him from scratch (3 yo) through FEI levels by the age of 6. He is probably the most beautiful horse that has ever been to WEC. He has Rohdiamant, Rubinstein and others in his bloodlines. He performed amazing at the shows and his passage and piaffe were always given with a big smile. Marta says she has never met a more dedicated and loyal horse to his rider. Today Rosewood lives with his fortunate new owner in Washington.  VIDEO

SENOR RUBINSTEIN M.R. (International Grand Prix level)

After 7 years, Marta's cherished dressage dancer, Wec’s Señor Rubinstein, embarks on a new chapter with his loving family in Pennsylvania. 

He's been an incredible teacher and friend, sharing memorable moments from Young Horse Championships to Grand Prix levels, earning a lifetime license stallion certificate with her. 2013 Oldenburg. Imported from Germany at age 3. Full brother of Sir Rubinstein:  

SIRE: Sir Donnerhall I (Sandro Hit/ Donnerhall). DAM: Rubinstein I/ Werther/ Graphit

*4yo (2017): Training level 75%

* 5 yo (2018): First level: 75.88%

- Region 9 First level Champion.  6 yo (2019):

- FEI 6Yo Test: 81%

- 3rd Level Level 74.5%.

- Placed 6 in the Nation at the FEI 6yo USEF Dressage Festival of Champions. (Top 15 horses in the Nation).

- Region 9 3rd level Champion.

- US Finals (KY) 5th place at 3rd Level.

* 7 yo (2020): PSG 70.588 %

- Intermediate I 68.382 %.  * 8 yo (2021):

- PSG 71.438 %

- Intermediate I 72 %

- Intermediate Freestyle 74.25 %

- CDI 2* Houston TX.

- PSG Champion.

- Intermediate I Freestyle Champion.

- Intermediate I Reserve Champion.

- Qualified at the Developing PSG USEF Dressage Festival of Champions. (Top 15 horses in the Nation). 71.438%

- Region 9 Reserve Intermediate I Freestyle Champion. 9yo (2022):

- CDI 2* Houston TX. Inter I Reserve Champion. Inter I Freestyle Reserve Champion.

- Inter II: 69.853%

- Qualified at the Developing Grand Prix USEF Dressage Festival of Champions (Top 15 horses in the Nation) 67%.

* 10 yo (2023):Grand Prix 67.717 %

- Grand Prix Freestyle 72.625 %

- CDI 2* Houston TX. Intermediate II Champion.

Grand Prix Champion. Qualified at the Developing G.P. in the USEF Dressage Festival of Champions (Top 15 horses in the Nation). 68.819 %

- Region 9 Grand Prix Reserve Champion.

WEC´s SHUDOKU (4th level)

Shudoku is happily living with his new rider in N. Carolina. He had been with Marta since he was 1 and was put under the saddle and trained by her for 4 years... He is a 2012 Oldenburger with a bright Dressage future ahead! He is missed by Marta every day but she´s happy to know that he´s continuing his career and been taken care of. 

Marta has trained so many horses... it is hard to select her dearest ones in one page.... so here there are just a few... She has self-trained 30 horses to the FEI level, 6 of them to Grand Prix.

Bravo Marta Renilla

"When the horse I am training dances, I dance with him and we connect our brains and our hearts. It's just Magical!" .  Marta Renilla

"In all of my hours of pouring over videos, your horses have the best way of going. You are a phenomenal rider. I always say, if I was a horse I would want such and such to be my rider. Well, you are THAT rider. In a sport that is so difficult i think it important to recognize brilliance when you see it. Thank you for being an inspiration ."   One of Marta's show case Buyers

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rosewood marta renilla
rosewood marta renilla
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