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Marta Renilla

Marta is a United Stated National, International Grand Prix trainer and USDF Gold, Silver & Bronze Medalist. Originally from Spain, she operates out of her training facility in Houston:  Woodlands Equestrian Club (known as WEC), and is one of the top up and coming dressage riders in the US.   Marta helped her husband Anartz Chanca to obtain his USDF Gold Medal and they both train at WEC and live with their three boys by the facility. 

Career Highlights: 

  • International Grand Prix Competitor since her teens

  • Champion in different levels at US Nationals since became a citizen in 2018

  • 5 stars Gold, Silver & Bronze Medalist by the USDF on self-trained horses

  • Member of Team Spain at the Wellington 2014, 2017 and 2018 Nations Cup. 

  • In  2011 she was Ranked 3rd in the Nation for her Grand Prix Freestyle results after Stephen Peters

  • Grand Prix and FEI level Champion title of the US Region 9 from 2011 -2019

  • Grand Prix Freestyle Champion title of the US Region 9 in 2011, 2014, 2015; Inter in 2016

  • Regular Grand Prix Competitor in CDI 3* Shows in Lexington KY; Wellington FL and at the Region 9

  • 4 times Member of Team Spain at the European Championships in the 90's and 2000's.

Marta has competed in multiple International Shows within the US such as in Lexinton, KY; Wellington FL; and Katy, TX. To name a few she obtained 68.7% at the TX CDI 2* Inter I (1st place) in 2018; first place in CDI2* BIG 2018 FEI GRAND PRIX; CDI2* BIG 2018 FEI INTERMEDIATE II; Champion at CDI2* SMALL 2018 FEI Prix St. Georges; 69.925 at the TX CDI3*GP FS - Grand Prix Freestyle in 2013; 69% at the 2013 West Palm Beach FLCDI-WFEI Grand Prix Freestyle CDIW USEF; 67% at the TX CDI3*GP FS - Grand Prix Freestyle in 2012.

Marta's career as a dressage rider has blossomed from the Young Rider divisions, to international success all over Europe. She participated at the European and Spanish Championships until 2007, when she moved to US. Since then, she has competed Nationally and Internationally within the US (source: usdf scores). Since 2007 until now she has the following show records:

  • 65 times in Grand Prix with a max. score of 74.75%

  • 139 times in Inter I & II with a max. score of 76%

  • 101 times in PSG with a max. score of 73.4%

  • 224 times in Training - 4th level with a max. score of 81.9% 

  • 39 times Young Horse tests with a max. score of 87.4%

 Look up Marta´s scores in the US in

"When I ride I try to find the magic words for each movement, gait or transition that I pass to my horse... I aim to get the horse understand me by being patient with him and by repeating each new task. Once I have found the balance, we both breathe, rest for a minute and then I try to say it again but now with my brain, not even with my body aids." 

Marta Renilla


Did you know? Marta has produced from scratch and self trained more than 30 FEI horses and multiple Grand Prix horses with whom she has become champion in National and International levels.  Known as a wonderful teacher, Marta has coached several students to FEI levels who have successfully competed and have achieved their USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. Marta is yearly selected to be a Grand Prix Demo Rider at the Houston Dressage Society Symposium with International known clinicians and enjoys riding at clinics with Steffen Peters, Conrad Schumacher, Robert Dover and Peter Holler among others.

 Her Beginning: 

Marta's innate methodology comes from her childhood's experiences at a barn in Madrid (Spain), where she shared her horses' passion with her late mother Isabel Delgado. At age 8, she started training and competing Nationally in Jumping Shows. At age 14 she began her Dressage career with her horse Isenbrant who she self- trained all the way to Grand Prix.  She still remembers dearly her first Dressage coach, the Swedish trainer Lena Ortendahl who introduced her to the discipline. Later and before moving to the US, Marta trained with world known trainers Bill Noble, from UK; Brigitte Van Der Hagen, from The Netherlands; 4-time UK Olympian Jennie Loriston; and the International FEI O-Judge Yvonne Visser. Marta became a US citizen in 2018.

marta renilla

"If you are patient and understand the balance of a horse and adapt your riding depending of his conformation and ability, you will then create a trustful relationship that only you both know. I train my horses to be ridden with the minimum aids and the minimum help, so every single gait becomes part of their natural movements without turning uncomfortable.... 

Marta Renilla

Photo Gallery 

Coronado Nationals 2018
Gamarro reg. 9 Championsips 2018
Coronado Nationals 2018
Granaino Nationals 2018
Senor Nationals 2018
Wellington Nations Cup 2018
Marta and Husband
Wellington Nations Cup2018
with Olympian Robert Dover
group pic at show
Marta teaching Martha
Gold Medal since 2010
Conrad Shumacher
with student Fiona
Marta and Bravo
at a show
marta coach
Marta & Micah
Marta and Husband
marta coach
2015 Grand Prix Freestyle Champion
With coach Conrad Schumacher
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