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"Marta, just a little something to thank you for all of your help and hard work with me and Goliath. I feel so lucky to have found a trainer that exemplifies love and capability in your work with horses. You have a special talent to express yourself to these beautiful animals and it is a pleasure to be a part of your world. I am often amazed at your ability to stay calm and positive with so many things needing your attention and time. May you always have the love and passion in your heart that you share every day with those around you. Thank you for being patient and strong while helping me and Goliath in our journey. Much love." 


"After years of dreaming and riding and riding and dreaming finally this weekend I got my Prix Saint George with one score towards the silver medal of USDF awards. Thank you Marta Renilla and Anartz Chanca, my two coaches that have shared their passion, their skills and a lifetime friendship. Thank you to my wife that puts up with all this (ha ha ha) thank you to my son Javier for sharing the passion too.¨ 


"I have enjoyed learning from Marta for almost 5 years... Each lesson is a new aspect to my riding. Brumoso is a challenge, but every moment on this horse & learning has been a delight!¨


Marta Renilla is helping me reach my long term goals of working towards Grand Prix dressage training & competing. When I first met her, she assessed my riding and horses skill set over several months and developed a plan, which included selling my former horse and finding something size and age appropriate for me who would allow me to reach my long term goals. My horse sold to a wonderful home and I was able to purchase the horse of my dreams, Suspiro. So far, we have been very successful together winning in Third Level AA class at our first shows together. I just love riding him & can't wait to see what the future holds for us!¨



"I trained horses in what you could call “equestrian tricks” including Piaffe, Passage and the Spanish Walk. Still, all my riding was disconnected and lacking of equestrian virtue. It took me to see Marta Renilla ride my horse once, on a fortuitous occasion, to know that I wanted to be taught proper Dressage by her. Marta has exceptional coaching skills. She is structured, sequential and, most of all, straightforward and clear. Marta and her family are joyful, fun loving and considerate people. WEC is a happy place and the place to be if you want to improve your riding.¨



"Thank you for the wonderful lessons... Marta, you have a gift as an instructor as well as a rider and I look forward to more lessons! Your calm yet assertive manner makes connecting with the horse fun and enjoyable...much like a dance. " 



“Lessons with Marta are always so enjoyable. She has such a calm and encouraging approach, and always finds examples to explain movements and techniques in new and innovative ways. Although WEC is a business, the passion and love that Marta has for horses and teaching rubs off on us all in a way which makes WEC feel like one big family. You couldn’t find anywhere more special to ride."



¨Marta's eye and teaching style is extremely sharp, calming, FOCUSED and enjoyable. Her demeanor is so welcomed by both horse & rider. She has an intuitiveness with any breed of horse. They all love her. I am so thankful that I have found this facility to board and train my horses.¨


¨Marta is a very talented rider and instructor. I Love my lessons as every time you get that special moment when something works very well. They say it's not until you can ride that you want to know how to ride!

That's where I am now!¨ 

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