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Dressage Horses for Sale

Marta is committed to her clients and will advise for the best sporthorse for their specific needs... Since 2010, she specializes in Importing high quality sport horses from the best breeders in Spain, Mexico & USA... so you don't have to. Once the selected horses arrive to Houston, Marta and her team move them up in the levels...  so by the time you visit us, you can choose among a great variety of wonderful Dressage horses of different breeds, ages, colors and sizes and with X-rays available!  

The search for the perfect dressage horse (or one of any discipline) can be a long and frustrating process. Let Marta help you and make your horse shopping experience a real pleasure!  Marta´s Horses For Sale are trained at Woodlands Equestrian Club in Houston, so you just need to do one stop in order to see a wide variety of horses! It is that easy! No need to worry about importing from Europe since she has already done it for you. Check her horses in her website:

"If you are patient and understand the balance of a horse and adapt your riding depending of his conformation and ability, you will then create a trustful relationship that only you both know. I train my horses to be ridden with the minimum aids and the minimum help, so every single gait becomes part of their natural movements without turning uncomfortable.... 

Marta Renilla

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